Company Overview

Pacific Healthcare Group was founded in 1961 by the late Frits Buhrman. Starting in Thailand, Pacific Healthcare has and is constantly growing to help more people over the Southeast Asia region. Connecting with more than 600 million consumers, Pacific Healthcare is expanding further to the Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar as well as Cambodia. Pacific Healthcare has a consistent vision to care for and distribute medical and pharmaceutical needs and services further into the region.

Our Vision

Pacific Healthcare group of companies is well-recognised in South-East Asia for the delivery of best in class sales & marketing services in the healthcare industry; providing a wide variety of products and services through trusted people and partners who care about the community they live and work in.

Our Mission

Our People : Communicating clear targets and objectives to our people; developing, rewarding and holding them accountable in achieving their career and business goals.

Partners and Customers : Understanding market requirements of Business Partners and Customers, and tailoring our service offering to their needs; being knowledgeable, flexible and innovative with our solutions.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Open Communication and Transparency
  • Lead by Example
  • Have Fun at Work and be Happy

What We Offer

Pacific Healthcare help our business partners and customers attain their full potential within the South-East Asian market. Through our reliable services, sales and marketing, market access, product training and industry education, Pacific Healthcare guide our customers and business partners alike, towards their goals.