“ Pacific Healthcare group of companies is well-recognised in South-East Asia for the delivery of best in class sales & marketing services in the healthcare industry providing a wide variety of products and services through trusted people and partners who care about the community they live and work in. “


We are a proud family owned enterprise with a vision to grow with our partners and our people. As a privately company, we are looking to provide tailor made solutions for our principals and customers in a transparent and sustainable manner. People and people development are at the core of our success and we know that the marketing of products is understanding the needs of our valued customers in each market where we work and live. We strive to provide a happy and fun work environment so that team work can flourish and new ideas for the future are created and implemented.


Cyrille F Buhrman was born in 1973 and finished his high schooling in Bangkok Thailand. He joined the family business, Pacific Healthcare in 1998. He pushed the companies’ boundaries into success by introducing an OTC division, added on various consumer products and streamlined the company by closing down the specialty chemical business that was affiliated with PHC. After rolling out these successful projects, he went on to be part of the Board of Directors at Canyon Pharmaceuticals in 2006 until 2010 as well as being on the Board of Directors for Soligenix Inc. from 2007 until 2010. With this international experience in the US and Switzerland he became owner and Chairman of Pacific Healthcare. He helped make Pacific a successful international brand within the healthcare industry of South East Asia and beyong. Using his expertise and leadership skills he has brought together a strong management team that is focused on consistent principal retention and strong customer relations. Cyrille Buhrman holds a degree in History and Political Science, from Franklin College, Switzerland and he continues to be part of the vibrant YOP network in Thailand where he was the youngest member to ever join.